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Gather around fellow Coders, here’s a saga about One Agency!

Gather around fellow Coders, here’s a saga about One Agency!

We want to make magic happen, through our different types of code and our engagement within the community of One Agency. We tell our stories through different perspectives, some of us with a backend focus and some with the frontend point of view. Fullstacks or architects tell us the story from Once-upon-a- time to Happily-ever-after and our App developers make stories come to life with your choice of tablets, phones or computers.

But we all come together to tell different stories, because we are more than our codes. We strive to make a difference in our clients projects, our community and in our own lives. The passion for continuous learning is what links us together and we are happy to welcome more eager developers and architects, just like you, to put your storyline in our fairytale.

There are three heroes in our story, The Core Value knights. And let’s put them in their shining armour and introduce them in code made by the honorable Per Lilja of Malmö.

Hero 1: Courage to Change

Hero 2: Live Service

Hero 3: Take Massive Action

Sounds like a good story? Well then, let's get together and talk about your role in this odyssey of ours. You could define yourself as a Dragonslayer, Princess, Mastermind or maybe a Warlock – what matters is your contribution to our heroic task! Place of setting could be in Stockholm or in Malmö with your weapon of choice.

Skicka ansökan

Eller vet du någon som skulle passa ännu bättre? Berätta för dem.

Stockholm eller Malmö

Stockholm eller Malmö

Jobbar du redan på One Agency?

Var med i rekryteringen och hitta din nästa kollega!


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